Providing access to 19 million Freeview homes


  • SDN are delighted to be able to provide capacity for 18 hours (6am to midnight), 7 days a week on Com4 multiplex (full national distribution). SDN are inviting offers for this capacity with immediate availability. The closing date for offers is 5pm, Monday 18 September. Please submit any offer to More details on form and criteria are to be found in the RFP.

  • SDN holds a licence to operate one of the national Freeview multiplexes

  • We can broadcast your television channel, radio or data service to approximately 19 million Freeview homes in the UK

  • Currently SDN carries 26 of the c.100 television channels on Freeview

  • SDN has overseen and delivered the launch of over 75 television, radio, data & interactive services

  • If you have a television channel, radio or data service and are interested in launching on Freeview, please get in touch